Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Pearl Worth Any Price

"There is at the essence of all religion a purity of spiritual experience. In this experience lies the healing essence of love and the recognition of the Oneness of Creation. It is this experience of the singularity of peace for which humanity yearns."

How much do you yearn to be free of conflict...to be at peace? An interesting word "yearn" - it means a passionate desire. The single desire of the Son for the Father. How passionate are you to know the truth? This world we appear to live in is what conflict is...made in the complete denial of God and opposite to him in every way. There has never been any peace here and never will be and yet we all carry a memory of heaven - the peace of God within us. We yearn to go home.

This Thursday, September 21, marks the 25th anniversary of International Day of Peace. Thousands all over the world have made commitments to dedicate this day to the ideal of peace. The very week that all the heads of state are meeting at the United Nations for the UN General Assembly. A critical moment in world history as the US prepares to declare war on Iran. How hot do the flames have to get before we recognize that this is hell. The Pope is deploying damage control envoys to put out the flames - literally. Is it finally time to see it for what it really is - a very bad dream. How long can we fool ourselves with band-aid solutions as we continue to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic, so to speak. Where has our focus on seeking for worldly ‘solutions’, both political and religious led us to?

~ Just more problems or merely a change in the form of the problem. Neither of which answered the underlying cause of the problem.

What if you could learn that the only problem you ever had has been solved. How much do you yearn the peace of God? What if like a child waking from a nightmare you could experience your own awakening from this dream of suffering, pain and death to find yourself in heaven - in the arms of God - where you never left - YES that memory of the peace of God that you may have had glimpses of - that you yearn for -deep down in your heart - no matter how much you have used the ways or the world to cover it up.

The light is in you...if you follow it - it WILL lead you home.

This experience of awakening is available to you through the masterpiece of A Course In Miracles. It is the pearl worth any price.
Listen to these words from Jesus and decide for yourself:

What have you done that this should be your world?
What have you done that this is what you see?
Deny your own identity and this is what remains.

Pain is a sign illusions reign in place of truth.
If God is real there is no pain.

If pain is real there is no God.
For vengeance is not part of love.

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Montreal - World's Religions After 9/11

World's Religions After 9/11

Montreal ~ Québec

September 11-15, 2006

Come and experience with The Master Teacher in this extremely rare appearance an inevitable decision of the Discovery of our Journey Without Distance in the Space of an Instant of Reality... Our Transformative Passage from Time to Eternity....

In this place of chaotic darkness that you call home, reality must appear as a continuing exposé. This may be your first major exposure to the energetic catalyst that is a total provision for the conversion of your temporal self-identity. These are the Great Rays or light streams emanating from minds joining and extending in a common goal of awakening.

The Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles will be speaking at the conference next Thursday and Friday. For more information see this link: Worlds Religions After 9/11

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Give Peace A Chance

God’s Will for you is complete peace and joy.

Peace is inevitable in your experience of awakening from your dream of a human existence. You cannot get peace nor have peace as a result of your 'doing' in the world, no matter how much effort you exert in your well-meant attempts to make this world a better place.

But you will give peace in order to have it, because you are PEACE. Peace is the bridge that everyone will cross, to leave this world behind. But peace begins within the world perceived as different, and leading from this fresh perception to the gate of Heaven and the way beyond. Peace is the answer to conflicting goals, to senseless journeys, frantic, vain pursuits, and meaningless endeavors.

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