Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Why Are Disasters Getting Worse?

From the Out of Time Journal
The word Dis-aster means separated (dis) from the stars (aster) or from heaven. This brings us right to the real problem. It seems like one disaster after another is challenging the earthlingship in general and you specifically. None of them are actually solvable within the human framework, in which they are set, yet frantically is everyone trying to shovel themselves out of the quicksand of the threat of suffering and death upon their body-existence.

The world is based on the belief that is doing this to you, that he is making you suffer and causes your eventual death and that you are helpless before him who holds your little life in his hand, just to blot it out after a while, careless of your hopes and dreams altogether. And what you try to love and to protect he takes from you in time as well.

Let's look at the whole problem instead of just at endless fractionalizations of it and ask a real question:
What have you done that this should be your world?
What have you done that this is what you see?
Let's have the answer from the One who has overcome this world entirely:
From (): Deny your own Identity, and you will not escape the madness which induced this weird, unnatural and ghostly thought that mocks creation and that laughs at God.

The world is an illusion. It is a dream of fierce retaliation for a crime that could not be committed; for attack on what is wholly unassailable. It is a nightmare of abandonment by an Eternal Love, which could not leave the Son whom It created out of love.

The special ones are all asleep, surrounded by a world of loveliness they do not see. Freedom and peace and joy stand there, beside the bier on which they sleep, and call them to come forth and waken from their dream of death.

Your Father loves you. All the world of pain is not His Will. Forgive yourself the thought He wanted this for you.

Salvation requires the acceptance of but one thought; - you are as God created you, not what you made of yourself. Whatever evil you may think you did, you are as God created you. Whatever mistakes you made, the truth about you is unchanged. Creation is eternal and unalterable. Your sinlessness is guaranteed by God. You are and will forever be exactly as you were created. Light and joy and peace abide in you because God put them there.

I will awaken you as surely as I awakened myself, for I awoke for you.

Read more words of truth in the Out of Time Journal and take a chance on letting yourself be so dis-illusioned, that you spring into light and joy.

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From an article on : Why Are Disasters Getting Worse?
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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Your Quantum Reidentification of Time to Eternity

Each day and every minute in each day, and every instant that each minute holds, you but relive the schism when the time of terror took the place of love. The instant of the schism was immediately returned to Universal Mind.

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